Sponge Forums App possible?

Hi, as a frequent user of the Sponge forums, I would love to see an app for Android, even if it were a webapp. It would be very handy to get push notifications when someone replies to me or quotes my post.

There’s a mobile site…

I dont think we need an app. The web version of the forum is good enough. Just check the website for replies…

I’m aware of the mobile site, and I’m happy with how it works. The only thing I honestly miss is the lack of push notifications when using a website.

You can set your mail up on your phone. Discourse sends mails when you’re not online.

You can just enable email notifications on the forums and enable push notifications from your email app on your phone. Then you have push notifications of replies with as only downside that you have to click one extra time to open the topic from within the email (although a couple of replies are inside the email already and you could just read it there).

Ah, I didn’t know that. Thanks.

Well, I did a bit of research, and I found that GMail for Android checks on a timer and gives a bulk notification because I get many emails daily by default. After making it notify for every individual email, it works like a charm.

What about Tapatalk support? Here’s a link: https://tapatalk.com/

That would require a tapatalk discourse plugin.

Tapatalk would be nice, although I would like if it were not forced upon mobile users (constant nagging “HEY, GET TAPATALK! TAPATALK! THIS SITE SUPPORTS IT!”…)