Sponge Hangout Server?

I think it would be nice to have some sort of hangout server for sponge while we wait for the API, just for messing about and getting to know the community in-game.

Would anyone else be interested in this?


I definitely like this idea, I thought about it myself but I don’t have the resources to pull it off. :confused:

Love the idea, and I would invite everyone to my server, but it’s private and probably wouldn’t be able to handle that many people. I do, however, personally know the owner of a public server, which previously ran Bukkit, but is currently vanilla as he is waiting for Sponge to be released so he can upgrade to 1.8. He gave my approval to let us use it as a Sponge hangout server until Sponge is released and it gets reverted back to how it was. I’ll post the IP if this sounds good to everyone!

To be honest, i think it’d be rather easy to contact a server host for a sponge sponsored server. Sponge is clearly going places and I think any GSP will see that.

I’d play!

I’d probably play every once in awhile.

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Any special requirements? I have a 1.7 Spigot up at bcsn.us, you can check it out if you want. (shameless advertising :trollface:)

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I would definitely join. :D

Guys, why not ask @sk89q about this? Remember the project is sponsored by CreeperHost and Nitrous Networks. So I don’t think it will be that hard to get something decent. :smile:


Problem with this:
Getting something that people can agree on

by that you mean type of server? (pvp, creative, etc)?



Why not poll, then? And if it’s going to be hanging out for the most part anyways, I doubt it really matters.

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I think we should just do a Survival server. Minigames aren’t my thing. Although a poll would work for me. :smile:


I could set it up i have two servers in my basement (HP DL160 G6 32 cores 40gb Ddr3 ram)

I could create a cauldron (1.7.2) server or vanilla 1.8

Crazy-ass off-the-wall suggestion: A mixed gamemode server.
How? I ran one called Tartarus for 6 months, with creative players (Engineers with ranked build limitations) making deathtrap dungeons and the like, and adventure-mode players (Explorers, with no power to place blocks) doing their best to get through them. It catered for creative builders and dungeon battlers simultaneously, and they competed intensely.
Maybe too complex administratively for y’all, but it was a cool idea at the time.

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The administration is always a pain, so idk. With a pain I mean that the staff gets tired of the crap.
(Mostly the reason why most modded servers go down, I literary come never on on the server I am dedicated to).

Ma definition/list of crap:

  • Lost Stuff
  • Felt in lava
  • People building obsidian walls around towns they don’t like
  • griefing
  • swearing
  • Admin I can’t open this door ?
  • How do I claim land?
    (This is for moded servers only)
  • Ma quarry doesn’t work (Stirling engine not redstone -_-)
  • I can’t craft a redstone energy cell (wrong coil u f*** noob)

Reason why this will not happen:

  • Their are to many people here that own a server
  • The Sponge staff has probably no time to set up a “hangout server”

I like the idea thought, its only a lot of work.


Or people that start a group and then when the rest is afk 1 will take all the items and start on its own. So the rest can begin a flame war.

I will be happy to help out in the building process for the server :smiley: :trollface: (Love The Emoji’s) :smirk:

That would be great man :smiley: