Sponge Import Error

Hi, I tried to import Sponge in Eclipse, but i have a strange error. Sponge api was imported without problems.

I’ve got the same error S: Any suggestion?

The readme.md on github explains everything good: GitHub - SpongePowered/Sponge: The SpongeAPI implementation targeting vanilla Minecraft and 3rd party platforms..

Also you can’t build the most recent SpongeAPI against Sponge. Its simply to much outdated.

In Sponge-master you have a folder called SpongeAPI. Put SpongeAPI-master in that folder and try to compile now. Worked for me.
@thomas15v The folder was empty, i didn’t know that i need to put SpongeAPI there.

git submodule update --init --recursive

You need to do that to solve that. Downloading the api and dropping their doesn’t work because:

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Thx thomas15v, solved. Topic can be closed.

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