Sponge Is A CoreMod?And has vanilla Forge...With Plugins?

Hello Sponge Community!This is just another average question about Sponge that many people might know the answer to but this is for all the people that aren’t sure how Sponge will work!

My question is:Since Sponge is build ontop of Forge will we be able to use mods like plugins?Meaning that the features from the mod will be accessed by people with vanilla clients.Meaning that you can play a mod on a server, no matter you didn’t install it!

And since I said that this is not only for that question but most of the stuff people aren’t sure about when it comes to running Sponge,

Question 2:Will I need Forge installed to join a Sponge server?
-As it is said that Sponge will be:

Built on top of Forge with Vanilla Client Support on Forge

The answer is probably No.But there might be more to this so I wrote this post.Please correct me if I am wrong and give us some more info in the comments about this question.

Question 3:How will I install Sponge?If it’s a coremod is there going to be a new folder in the Minecraft server file?Or something…
-So this question is often and I don’t really think anyone here knows how will it be runned exactly but I think some good tutorials will be out when it’s available for download! :smiley:

Question 4:When will Sponge be released?
-As this is a common question most people here might know the answer but for those of you who don’t know Sponge doesn’t have a EXACTLY EXACT ETA(Estimated Time Of Arrival) but it should be out at about the begging of November.Correct me if I’m wrong.

Question 5:Sponge API:Is it easier and better then others?
-I don’t really know a answer to this question, but I think since it uses Forge and that it will be much better then any Server Plugin API we’ve had in the past.

Question 6:Is Sponge illegal?
-No.This has been answered over 2000 times and the developers are really clever guys that know not to make the same mistake as Bukkit so Sponge is licensed MIT.

Question 7:Sponge performance?
-Probably better.Not sure tough.

And please remember to answer question one as I don't really know the answer to that one.If I'm wrong at any of these questions please inform me in the comments below so the community will keep in touch what's going on!

Thanks! :smiley:

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From what I understand, Forge is going to make the next release allow people without forge to connect to the server.

Now there’s 2 ways to do it

  • Clean hard way : If the server has mods that require client to have the mod too, only allow clients with the mod. I’m not sure how Forge would know this… which is why it’s hard.
  • Bad easy way : Just a config to enable or not allowing normal client. The problem with this and the reason why it’s bad is what will happen to client without the mod?
  • Will he see nothing and die?
  • Will he see a zombie instead of what should be a custom Werewolf in front of him?
  • Will normal client simply crash when encountering chunks with unknown entities/blocks ?

Read this: Sponge FAQ - Google Docs

You don’t need Forge on your client if you only have Sponge installed on your Forge server.
Other Forge mods usually require a modded client, Sponge does not change that.


It will basically be like this:
-Your server will be Forge
-Sponge will be a Forge coremod (aka go into the mods-folder)
-Sponge-Plugins will be… well, plugins (aka go into the plugins folder)
-You will be able to add other Forge mods into the mods folder just like you’re used to with Forge
-As long as none of the Sponge plugins and none of the Forge mods require client-side features, people will be able to join the server with a vanilla client

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How is that going to work? How will system know that?

Forge mods already distinguish between client-side and server-side features, so Forge does know when a mod only has server-side features.
Basically you have 2 groups of mods: mods with client-side features and mods without client-side features. The Forge server only needs to make sure that the client trying to connect has all the mods installed that have client-side features. Those mods without client-side features are not required.
(Currently for this test to happen, the client still needs Forge installed, even without mods, but the developers said that’ll change for 1.8)


Technically there are 3 groups, if you include mods that require server side and client side

Just to nitpick, but it doesn’t. Mods need to set the field acceptableRemoteVersions which determines what client side mod versions are required. By default it is the same version as the mod itself, but if it is set to * then the client does not need to have it installed. Forge by itself does not know anything about mods being server-side only or not. It is the responsibility of the mod maker to set that field and to make sure he is not using any stuff on the server that would require changes to the client(e.g. adding new blocks).

Well yea technically it waits for any mod to complain if the client is missing features and if there is one, it rejects the connection. As long as no mod complains (which is especially (but ofc not only) the case if the server mods only have server side features and the client has no mods), the client is allowed to connect.
At least that’s how I understood it, correct me if I’m wrong.

No, that is not how it works. FML loads the mods and during the loading of a mod it checks the acceptableRemoteVersions field. Based on the values of that it makes a list of mods the client must have. When a client connects it reports which mods are installed and the server compares that against the list it made while loading the mods. It will then either continue connecting or disconnect if a mod is missing. Mods do not determine themselves if a client is allowed to join. This is all FML.

So basically the server does know which mods have client side features and which mods don’t. That is still determined by the mod, but the server gets those information from the mods.

No. It only knows if the mod requires the mod to be installed on the client or not. Regardless of the mod having client side features or not.

Well ok, close enough xD

Ok thanks.This means that people without Forge on their Client can join Sponge-Forge thingy servers as long as the server doesn’t have mods that require Client-Side additions :smiley:

yep. Except that will be the case for 1.8 and the future. 1.8 will allow vanilla connections. For 1.7 the client also needs forge installed regardless of mods being required or not.

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