Sponge is not loading Essentials X

Hey! I have modpack that I am running on a SpongeForge server. EssentialsX doesn’t load whatsoever though, yet I have put everything where it’s suppose to go…

Here’s the latest log:

Here’s the debug log:
(It was too big to upload to pastebin)

If you see any other problems as well, please let me know!

I appreciate the help!

It is recommended that you read the documentation before starting. The FAQ page clearly states that Sponge is not compatible with Bukkit plugins due to irreconcilable platform differences. For Sponge plugins, browse Ore.
The recommended Essentials-like plugin for Sponge is Nucleus, which also includes chat functionality.


My bad! Obviously new! Is there any other errors I should be fixing while we’re here?

If Sponge is loading, then you should be good to go.

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Thank you! I was unaware Sponge did that… Tell me though, why did it work with Essentials previously?

Once upon a time there was a Sponge plugin called Essentials. And now it is dead and broken.
edit: never mind, that was EssentialCmds. I have no idea why Essentials would be loaded then. You may be mistaken.