Sponge Land Claim Plugin Help!

Hey guys,

For days I’ve tried to get help and search through Bisect Hosting, which I’m using to run my Pixelmon server and with no luck. At least I finally have the economy down.

I tried installing Polis and Grief Prevention from Sponge, but neither worked. Honestly, if I got to choose I’d like my players to be able to set up land claims like I’ve seen on other servers. With a tool, right click one corner, walk a ways and select another corner. I want people to be able to buy claim blocks.

I can’t seem to find such a plugin anywhere. I’m using Sponge Forge 1.10.2-2201-5.1.0. Can anyone help?

What you’re describing sounds a lot like GriefPrevention. I’d suggest you try again, as it’s a well-maintained plugin and works for many others with similar setups. Perhaps rather than declaring it won’t work, you could seek some assistance. A good start would be to let us know what version(s) you tried, and what errors came up when you did.