Sponge Logo

May I use “Spongy” in my Websides Logo to show that we will use Sponge as soon it will be released?

Sorry if im in the wrong caregory with that. =/

I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

News are thatthere will be a new Spongie coming out at the new SoS. :slight_smile:

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It’s Spongie by the way.


Just to clarify this, Spongie is the Sponge Mascot.
We’re hoping to have a final version by the State of Sponge II, if possible…

The Sponge Logo is yet to be decided, there have been many submissions but no consensus has been reached. For example, the Sp logo on this site differs from the one on CrowdIn, etc.

Non-commercial use of the Sponge Mascot and Logo should be acceptable.


cool, thanks alot :slight_smile:

I thought FLARD was the mascot…

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FLARD n’est pas une mascot! FLARD is a fuel, a philosophy, a language and a tribute, but not a mascot. It can, however, be argued that it is the soul of Yggdrasyl Laboratories.

… Am I doing this right? I have no power of definition, so consider this (the first?) FLARD fanfiction unless some authority agrees :stuck_out_tongue: