Sponge messing up ore generation


soo my friend noticed that when we ran the server with sponge it blocked certain modded ores from spawning
like in omnifactory some of the ores in the overworld were missing
and in my server antimatter chemistry vanilla ores wouldnt spawn in the deep dark (asked modpack dev he said there should spawn there)
can some1 pls tell me or redirect me to a post that will tell me how i can re enable the ores


I think you put your post in the wrong section. I would had put it in sponge support. Anyway, what version of sponge are you using? What mods are you using (may have a mod that changes the world generation). Just as much information as possible, a log would be nice too.


The latest/stable (the newest causes issues) the omnifactory has gregtech (we removed sponge and reset the world and we got the ores we were missing), and on the antimatter chemistry server we should have vanilla and modded ores in the deep dark but the strange thing is that everything spawns excepts vanilla.
One of my friends told me i need to turn off certain stuff in the sponge config and re enable the ores but he is too lazy to send me the list and i am done waiting for him :smiley: