Sponge Needs A Built In World Guard

Alright so I noticed hugely that minecraft NEEDS a type of world guard and I have no I idea what the devs were thinking releasing it without one. I am hoping sponge could take care of all my anti-griefer needs.

Read and learn :smile:

Sponge is an API, its not meant to add features to the game, it facilitates the creation of plugins. Adding features such as a world guard on the other hand, that is for plugins, which btw, worldguard is being ported I believe. Problem solved!


Also, just a little fyi about Vanilla MC, is that if you run a Vanilla SERVER (where you can access server.properties) , there is in fact a “world guard”. This is spawn protection. If you have that set, only operators can build x blocks around spawn (based on distance you set).

Sponge will not add features that don’t exist within the base game. Instead it will allow modifications and improvements upon those features to allow full customization of the server, at the hands of plugin developers. What you’re looking for is a plugin to solve your needs, the server implementation will not provide it on its own. Just like with Bukkit, you’ll need to install WorldGuard or a variation of it.


I have no idea what you are thinking. Sponge is an API.

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@sk89q Is the dev for WorldGuard and Worldedit, he’s thinking of maybe putting it in?

@JtHeresy you don’t get it. You need to see sponge like you see windows for example. Does windows has a build in word? No. It only has a build-in notepad that can not make the difference between \n\r or \n. And would you use windows if it didn’t had the possibility to install anything you wanted. I don’t think so :smile:. I am sure that their are people out their, that do not feel the need of using worldguard.

Mememememe! No srsly, I mostly runs ervers for small, trusted groups of players and I don’t need WG. I’d be pretty… sad if it was included with servers by default. Same for all other plugins.

I use a mac. I have jumped into the terminal now and again.
Now lets get back to the subject of the Discussion.

@thomas15v is on the subject. He was using an analogy.


Indeed xD. And I am a native linux user. I just used windows as example. But you can go more extreme if you want to.
Why can’t we ask oracle, to implement minecraft default in java. I mean, you only install java to play minecraft right? Thats exactly the same as asking to sponge to implement plugins directly in the mod.

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At most, he’s probably gonna port the plugin to be usable for Sponge, but not add it to Sponge itself. That’s just bloating the server with things that can drag performance down and can be deemed unnecessary by smaller servers, like friend servers or development testing servers.

Sponge is a step away from Bukkit, but it does the same thing it did, providing an interface that plugin developers can use to improve upon the game’s current features and mechanics. Its not meant to serve as an all-in-one package for server owners, its meant to be an improvement over the faults that Bukkit and other server mods may have made. Anything that adds to the game as a mechanic or a new basegame feature is territory that Sponge will not step into when its on its own.