Sponge not Recognized

Running off of a forge 1.8.9 build (forge-1.8.9-, I cannot seem to get sponge working (recommended build for 1.8.9) nor any of the plug ins. Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you =)

Don’t install Forge, Sponge and plugins together. Install them one after another, each time making sure that the last added one properly works.
So make sure that Forge works first, then make sure that Sponge works and then start adding plugins.

Remember Sponge as well as all the plugins go into the mods folder.

If Forge works but Sponge doesn’t, you should provide us with a server log so we can get the necessary info for more help from it.

EDIT: Oh yea, obviously make sure you are using spongeforge and not spongevanilla ^^

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