Sponge + Nucleus /world teleport bug (Fairylights Mod)

Any time I execute the nucleus command /world teleport [world name], I get the following error: IllegalStateException: Intended to track block entity spawns! Please analyze the current phase context.

I am running an All The Mods 3 Server with the latest Sponge, Grief Prevention, Nucleus, and Luck Perms plugins, and nothing else.

Link to latest.log: Dropbox - File Deleted

Edit: I found the problem! The Fairylights mod does something squirrelly when you run the /world teleport command. I removed the mod from both my server and my client, and I can now switch between worlds flawlessly!

Perhaps this post should be put somewhere for posterity?

For future referance, it’s always best to go straight to the plugin or mod’s developer (if they have a discord, I always recommend going to those first). Sponge support specialise in Sponge only, they may not be able to help you with plugin/mod issues.

~ Alice

Thank you for responding. I figured I would make a post here about it because Nucleus uses Sponge to create worlds. All nucleus does, essentially, is add commands to interact with and create worlds using Sponge. Because of this close connection, I figured there may have been something going on between Sponge and Nucleus. However, it turned out that it was just a non-essential mod that I could easily remove.

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EDIT: Thanks for the fix!

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