Sponge OS / Hosting support

It may be to soon to ask however it is something that should be consider.
As most server operators are familiar with there are many server OS / Back ends.


  1. Most Linux OS distributions
  2. OSX / Windows OS
  3. McMyadmin - software
  4. Multicraft - software

Just to name a few, now im aware that it will be up to the developers of the software
to create the proper support. The question becomes how easy will Sponge be to support.
Perhaps it can be something considered during the development stages to add native
integration of hosting support.

So i ask:

  1. Will sponge be developed in a way to integrate just as easily with
    existing OS / Back ends?
  2. Can this be something that developers can integrate or should it be
    done via a plugin?
  1. Any OS that can run Java will (with enough RAM, …) be able to run Sponge.
  2. Most probably softwares like McMyAdmin & Multicraft will be ported.
  1. Sponge runs on forge, so all OSes that are supported by forge are also supported by sponge. And seeing that forge uses the normal minecraft server in the background, it currently is able to run on all systems that are also able to run the normal minecraft server. Meaning that as long as you can run Java 6, you can run the server.
  2. Sponge runs on forge, so all admin panels that currently support forge(which afaik both mcmyadmin and multicraft do) will be able to run sponge.

I got forge and sponge working on my McMyAdmin. Forge part was kinda a pain but once you got past that it was smooth to install sponge. I am awaiting more of the api to be completed and waiting on the permissionsex and we will be at a great start.

Except the SpongeVanilla.