Sponge PDS | Plugin Development Server

#Sponge Plugin Development Server

Plenty of developers have a multitude of reasons to not want to build Sponge themselves. Sometimes it can be difficult, maybe it’s just too much of a hassle. If there’s an excuse, it’s been used, I’m sure.

Presenting, the Sponge Plugin Development Server

I am perfectly aware that Sponge is not complete, and will probably not be complete for a few months. However, having a place where plugin developers can go to test their software can’t be a bad thing, right?

I’m starting up a server to test my own plugins, and I encourage anyone who might be interested to PM me (or post here) with a link to your GitHub/GitLab/Whatever resource that hosts your source.

  • I will not be taking .jar files directly. I wish to look over and compile each plugin before putting it on the server.
  • If your plugin makes the server more unstable than it’s likely to already be, I will have to remove it, lest other developers have trouble properly troubleshooting their own plugins.
  • Your plugin cannot utilize JRE8. It will not run on the server.

The IP address to connect to this server is: sponge.ferusgrim.me

Current Server Versions:
Forge: 1.8-
Sponge: 1.8-1354-1.1DEV-0

Please remember that, no matter the plugins on the server, everything is likely to be unstable.


I would place unoffical on it :smile:. But honestly don’t you think devs would like to test it on their own? I usally mess up a lot of shit before it finally works.

EDIT: Every command says stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

:frowning: I always use Java 8.

Ew. Don’t do that :stuck_out_tongue:
No, but srsly, most production servers are still on Java 7

Why? Java 8 is faster. And actually, I think most minecraft servers are on 6

This looks like a nice idea, and it might get my team working on plugins quicker. :stuck_out_tongue:
Ofc we might end up hosting our own server, so I’m probably going to talk this idea
over with them later.

Because Java 8 for linux machines (most servers) = bad times :stuck_out_tongue: also, it takes time to upgrade environments. Most servers are afterall hosted with server providers. And Minecraft is Java 6, but hardly anybody has that.


You underestimate the power of arch-java

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Do I now? :stuck_out_tongue:
Still, my point stands.

I don’t understand this logic. I’ve had no problems with Java 8 on Ubuntu, or even Debian. I’ve compiled from source, and used the web update ppa… no problems at all… IIRC, I had more problems upgrading from Java 6 then I did from Java 7.

More specifically,

yaourt -S jdk/jre
arch-linux set java-8-jdk/java-8-jre

<3 Arch package management.

@WetSponge @Luke @TBotV63

My reason for not have JRE8 on the server has nothing to do with Linux’s capabilities, or debated lack thereof.

According to statistics performed by Mojang themselves, most servers which run Minecraft are running on JRE7. There are a few unfortunate people on JRE6, and even fewer on JRE8.

Because, as I stated in the OP, one of the requirements is an open-source project, I want those projects to be compatible with the most servers. This simply means no JRE8.

Wasn’t referring to your logic, that makes more since.

I still use Java 7 as I use OpenJDK. That is not updated to JDK8 yet :confused:

The server was down today while I upgraded it and got a more stable script in place. Feel free to join and play around with Sponge. Don’t forget to send me any plugins you want me to add. :smile:

Does minecraft even work on openjdk?

Yes :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, it does :smile:

My exact version is:

java version "1.7.0_75"
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea 2.5.4) (7u75-2.5.4-1~trusty1)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.75-b04, mixed mode)

Does anyone else use OpenJDK?

The only difference between openJDK and oracle java. Is that the graphics on oracle are a bit better. So that won’t give any difference :smile:. And I use Oracles btw, for intelij :frowning:. Somehow with OpenJDK it makes text very big.
See it like this:
JavaAPI 1.7.0_75 implemented by IcedTea 2.5.4
SpongeAPI 1.1 implemented by Granite 1.1

How far is Oracle’s graphics better than OpenJDK’s? Does that make a difference in FPS? :smile:
NetBeans is also recommended to run with Oracle’s, however it runs fine with OpenJDK.