Sponge permissions

Hi, is possible to somewhere put the complete list of sponge permissions group to basic groups like in GroupManager from Bukkit, that we can implement it to our servers?


Use Permissionsex

I use it, but I try to collect all permissions to put it in PEX and set it correctly, while it doesn’t come preconfigured like GroupManager on Bukkit.

I don’t really understand the question you are asking.

No problem. I collect all permissions to make a default configuration in PEX.
I looked every where and found some, but I don’t know if they are all from Sponge and Vanilla. They are so less permissions.
So if any people found any permissions you can put it here and I make from it an default config for PEX.

I hope this is what you are looking for: A list of Sponge and Minecraft permissions.

You can navigate to the equivalent SpongeDocs page in your own language too (if it has been translated yet).

Yes, thanks. They are all? I thins this is a small amount :slight_smile:

They cover all the Sponge, Forge, and native Minecraft commands and permissions as far as I know.
Anything else will belong to a plugin and/or mod.

OK, thanks for help.