Sponge plugin API

so I am thinking as sponge has new API for plugins do they support forge mods better than KClaudron? I remember that worldguard didn’t protect spawn area from flan’s mod and by that… erm… nuclear bombs… on spawn…

GriefPrevention for Sponge should work for that but if it doesn’t then that would be due to flan’s mod not being coded with compatibility in mind

I mean flan’s mod was made before sponge I think? But that situation was just an example I am asking for other stuff

Sponge plugins interact with mods if they like it or not (if programmed correctly). So yes. Bukkit was built for vannila so when a developer wanted to know all the blocks on the server. Bukkit would get only vannila blocks. Sponge gets forge and vannila blocks.

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The Forge implementation of Sponge (SpongeForge) does a lot to increase compatibility with mods, to the extent that allows plugins written in SpongeAPI to even handle most mod interactions. In comparison to Cauldron, Sponge’s plugins will be fully aware of mod added blocks, items, entities, etc. without having to specifically code against them. So in that sense, yes, it is better compatible. The only case where compatibility fails is when a mod does get the design outside of certain circumstances that certain assumptions made by the Sponge Team when writing the implementation. In those cases, bugs can be fixed and sometimes even forwarded to the mod developer to improve said compatibility.


And just by the way (if I can) ask will there be forge server support for older minecraft versions?

No, it’s difficult enough to port fixes/additions from API 7 to API 5, which is why it’s major bugfixes only

Ah, well that’s a shame 1.7.10 was the golden version of modding but it’s good that they’re still developing it.