Sponge plugins affect Forge mods

I think that now Sponge is a part of Forge why not give support to go outside of minecraft. Like mcMMO an its rankup system probably can’t support forge mod added blocks. Or a quests plugin creating quests to go to the Aether. This can make Sponge be not just bukkit recreated just a different API but something original. Allow Sponge plugins to interact with Forge mods. Also what could be possible is if the plugin using a mod did NOT require the mod to run but only to run the part of the plugin that doesn’t require the mod. So you can run the mod on a Sponge Vanilla server. I hope to see this in Sponge. It will open doors for NUMEROUS plugins only for Sponge and unique. It will give Sponge a brand new library of plugins working with mods.
Thanks for reading

Its been designed to do just that… provide a way for external mods to “play nice” as one big system.
Of course, the mods need to play nice…

One of the core aims of both the API and implementation is compatibility with a changing environment - this includes mod added content, Mojang’s changes to future versions and 3rd party implementations like what Glowstone (server) does.

You phrased that a bit wrong. SpongeForge is compatible and runs alongside other Forge mods.

Definitely possible. Plugins can have both soft and hard dependencies on other mods/plugins.

Well thats good. I look forward to this! Thanks for responding