Sponge plugins compatibility

Is possible someone make a plugin for Sponge plugins be compatible with Bukkit and Spigot plugins?

Wold be amazing, everybody would like that

IF IT ALREADY EXISTS plz send me the link!!!

I need 1.9-1.12.2

Right. What your asking for is a plugin called Pore. It has been attempted many times by many people. And its just ‘impossible’ not only that if it was ‘possible’ not all bukkit plugins will run on it due to the fact more Bukkit plugins use NMS, this is something that can not be recreated on sponge to work with the plugin pore. So if it was ‘possible’, very few bukkit plugins will work (probably less then a 1/4 of all plugins).

I am simplifying this whole issue a huge amount because it has been covered to death. If you want i can get you links to where it has been covered to death

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It’s infeasible.

The amount of time it would take to maintain such a plugin would be higher then both the maintenance of Sponge and Bukkit combined, and has burnt out a number of devs who have attempted to try.

You could maybe do it if you were a separate server implementation that just combines both API’s but it would be extremely mod unfriendly.

In addition, any plugin that reaches into craftbukkit internals would fail almost guaranteed.

There was another thread like this, if you want to know more, @Tanzanite read this: