Sponge Plugins


Can i use spongeforge-1.12.2-2768-7.1.4.jar with FTBserver-1.12.2-


Try it and see. It should be OK, SpongeForge normally works OK with later builds of Forge than the one it was built against - unless there have been major changes in Forge, and then we try to update to the next recommended build of Forge.


It does not work with the latest build. It does not allow the server to start. But as soon as i remove sponge from the mods folder it starts like a dream. :slight_smile:


Whats the error? It could just be a conflict between a mod and Sponge (which maybe fixable with just a single configuration change)




Both SpongeForge and FoamFix add various optimizations that do not work with each other. Disable the following settings in config/foamfix.cfg



It works thanks. :smiley: