Sponge.po implementation in docs?

What is this page? I can’t find this page in docs but I see this page on crowdin.

The .po files are a part of the Crowdin translation system. It generates them when a page is translated.

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Oh, okay. Thanks.

It seems that the Sponge.po file is outdated. At least if you’re refering to Translating SpongeDocs to German language (using the german translation as an example here) this Sponge.po file.
This happens when we update the Docs itself, but Crowdin keeps the old files.

Just ignore it for now, we’ll remove it asap.

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Okay, so I’ll ignore it.
And what means “approved” on crowdin? (I’m translating SpongeDocs to Russian and I even don’t see any approved strings)

“Approved” means that the translation string has been reviewed by an appointed reviewer for that language. Basically those are like moderators, either part of or known by the Sponge team. Those are the guys that make sure this does not happen (and they also look out for other errors).


“Approving” a string locks it for normal users, it can only get changed by proofreaders afterwards.
So approving is just a method to protect strings, but it’s not necessary to approve everything.

Ok, file is gone for now, it’s now hidden from regular users. Ty for asking/reporting this issue :slightly_smiling:

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