Sponge Server Crash


This is my first time using sponge, I’ve put sponge in the mods folder and started the server, but it’s not working somehow.
When I use it without mods it works fine, so it’s conflicting with something but I’m not sure what’s going on.
The server also works fine with the other moids, if I disable sponge.
The mods I’m using are:


Crash Report: https://pastebin.com/hg4iy8ws

Thank you.

That seems to be the Terrain Control fork OpenTerrainGenerator having a bad time with Sponge. Some time back, @blood did some work to fix up Terrain Control compatibility with Sponge - it looks like this has broken it again somewhere, somehow. I’m not sure biome bundle works as well with the original TC (Forge version), or I’d suggest trying that.

Sorry, trying what?

You could see if it works with the Forge version of Terrain Control (the parent project), which is available on their Jenkins server.

So, do I replace it with the current forge?

No, replace OpenTerrainGenerator with the Forge version of Terrain Control - i.e. the file terraincontrol-forge-2.8.2-SNAPSHOT.jar. From reading the changelog, build 169 looks to be the last for 1.10.2. You’ll probably have to copy the OTC configs to a new TC folder to try this. No guarantee it will work.