Sponge Server crashing at startup

I’m using spongeforge-1.16.5-36.2.5-8.1.0-RC1278-universal. Here is the latest.log:

What mods do you have?

I didn’t go though all your mods. Just got to the start of the D.

I found 2 known issues relating to your mod list

The first is the more serious issue. It seems there is no solution other then to remove it currently, but keep an eye on the issue as a solution may be found. It seems it under investigation currently

The other is a issue that may affect your server once you can boot

I removed the bountiful baubles mod but it keeps crashing at startup

Just gone though your whole list of mods. The only other mod I can find a known issue with is

Sadly no fix has been found but keep up with the ticket. I would star all these issues to tell the sponge team that there is interest in fixing them

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Thanks for your time. I will try launching the server with little packets of mods to find out what’s the mod causing it.