Sponge Server Error (java.lang.RuntimeException: derp)

Im Having An Error with sponge forge 1.10.2 latest stable build I dont know why so if you can please help here it is

Latest.log: http://pastebin.com/wHCfFGDc

i think your world file is corrupted.

Do you have a backup?

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I’m getting the same crash, and the world loads up fine w/o sponge

getting the same thing. and indeed the server does load fine without sponge enabled.

I just had the same problem and found this thread with google.
It’s possible to recover the functionality by deleting the “level_sponge.dat” file(s) in your world save.
Before doing that create a backup of the world.
It might be possible that this will cause some data loss, but in my case I reinstalled all plugins and had to reconfigure them anyway.
Buildings and inventory won’t reset so dont worry.

I’m having the same crash. Same exception thrown and extremely similar stack trace. Given that this started happening after a power outage affecting my server computer, I suppose it’s safe to say this error does indeed mean the world is borked… good thing I have AromaBackup running at a 30 minute interval, huh?