Sponge Server List

Any chance of getting a server listing going that isn’t manipulated by voting plugins?

Unsure what the ranking would be, but it would be fun to see what sponge servers are around the place, that or you don’t vote on the server you give feedback (a rating? up or down vote)

If people disagree and think the server must be notified of votes, by adding feedback you can send that the user voted back to the server, but not the rating they gave making it more fair.

That’s true – I don’t like that there’s no down-vote for many of the existing server lists. However, the current system is that you vote every day or so, and that gets sent to whichever server. That said, there wouldn’t be much incentive to repeatedly down-vote a server every day – if you don’t like the server, you probably aren’t going to keep bashing them on votes, you’re just going to stop playing.

Might make a system for the whole server list thing :slight_smile:

True, but often when trying a server someone is only voting in order to gain advantage on there due to voting rewards, having an option to down vote and damage a server for forcing you to vote this way to get ahead, whilst still deciding whether you wish to play or not seems a powerful move on behalf of the players and smaller servers.

I hate the fact many interesting small servers get un-noticed compared to the larger servers, so sorting the list by ratio of up to down, rather then mass numbers would be a way to counter this.

The idea being that servers that farm votes more will receive more intrinsic dislikes, then those who underplay the voting aspect and still get votes.

While I can understand the rationale behind the down-voting idea, I believe it could be abused by trolls.

One thing I’d like to see would be to categorize servers as either “Populous” or “Small/Cozy/Homely/etc” either based on owner choice or endorsement from the server community.

Futhermore, I believe it 'd be important to give a lot of options in the search engine and perhaps even more importantly, allow for explanations in the server profile (e.g a PvP tag can mean a million things, but what does it mean in the context of the specific server?)


Maybe The minecraftforums Server list?