Sponge server with OTG and Biome Bundle crash


I’m running a modpack server called " Life in the Village" with some extra mods I added myself. I start a singleplayer game and everything works just fine. When I try to start the server with sponge installed, I get a crash after " Loading config for world Biome Bundle". I am on Forge 2768 and 7.1.5 of Sponge so there are no problems there. Here are the crash logs: https://github.com/byaialele/crashlog/blob/master/crash-2019-03-30_19.16.25-server.txt

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


It seems that OTG and SpongForge are presently incompatible. OTG makes big changes to WGen that don’t play nice with SpongeForge lately. The best solution at the moment is to use a mod to pre-generate the world within a large border, and then remove OTG, if you want to use Sponge.
Some folks have been working on forks of the OTG mod to try to get around this limitation, but nothing has been officially released yet, as far as I know. OTG and Sponge used to work together OK…