Sponge Skype Chat

I haven’t really found any Sponge Skype Chats around here, so I decided to make one.

URI joining is enabled, so just click here skype:?chat&blob=JjXzfwSIDJ1Tf5e49rErfgfPtR20W6INaSPIpehDb238gjWmEVFqeDf5lEDpGoenZTPoQjToHyyiYw and you should be able to join.

If not, add me on skype: bungeethecookie and I will add you to the group chat.

Anyone can join, Sponge Developers, Server Owners, anyone who likes Sponge!
(If there is already an existing Skype chat please forgive me)

Rules will be coming soon.


(P.S. I will be looking for chat moderators)

A bunch of us had one together, but we’ve moved to Slack since. Link.

I saw, but this one is more for Skype people :smile:

When we had the Skype group the issue was with people seeing other peoples IPs. We moved over to slack because it got rid of the issue and it gave us more flexibility. It is kinda like a IRC with channels with a lot of other features. Such as emojis, automatic pictures, and various integrations like GitHub and Twitter. We’ve enjoyed Slack a lot better than Skype. It is a lot easier to make a channel in Slack than it is to have Multiple Skype groups.

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Or there’s always the official Sponge IRC channels, where you can find all the cool people contributing to the project’s code all in one place!


But I can’t access IRC at school. :cry: (But I can access Slack though. :slight_smile: )

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I have VPN on Skype so I don’t need to worry about my IP going anywhere. But yeah, my skype is always online and on and my IRC is on whenever I need help.

Theres a TS Server too.

Shhh no there isn’t (got removed).

wait what`? o.O

Thx for clarification!