Sponge & Spigot


I have been watching the Sponge project for a while now. It looks very interesting, but I currently have a Spigot server with premium & custom plugins on it etc, and I don’t want to have to spend another 2 months or so (probably more, because I’d need to learn sponge API) making my server again. So, I’m wondering if there is a way for my Spigot plugins to be compatible with Sponge. I found Pore, but that’s been discountinued and by the sounds of it doesn’t work well, and a lot of the API is not implemented in it.

Any ideas?

This topic was widely discussed and unfortunately there is no way to run bukkit plugins with sponge.

Main point of sponge is being a API made from scratch without any code from bukkit.

If you are interested in switching to sponge, you might ask for porting plugins you don’t find yet. It’s a step but there are really quality dev here :smiley:

There was a similar post made not very long ago, if you want more information about Sponge vs Bukkit, look here :slight_smile: