Sponge Status Update 11th October 2022 - 1.19.2 Experimential SpongeVanilla Builds

I bring greetings from the Spongineers and exciting news! At long last our SpongeVanilla 1.19.2 (API10) Experimental Builds are now available!

API10/1.19.2 Experimental Builds

Thanks to the hard work of our developers, especially @Faithcaio we’ve been able to release our SpongeVanilla 1.19.2 experimental builds.

API 10 continues the lineage from API 9 (1.18.2) and API 8 (1.16.5), so many plugins should find it easy to update to the new builds and some may even work straight off the bat!
Of course these builds are still relatively early in the development cycle so there may be portions which are unimplemented. If you happen to encounter any problems, please let the devs know so we can address them.

As always, use experimental builds at your own risk and be sure to BACKUP regularly! Of course, being experimental builds there may be issues we’re unaware of, if you happen to find any please report them to Issues · SpongePowered/Sponge · GitHub.

Experimental builds can be found here

API8/1.16.5 Progress

API8/1.16.5 continues to be an active development target and we’re currently in the middle of a renewed development push. As a reminder, 1.16.5 remains a Long Term Support target and we are working towards an eventual Release build once we are satisfied with stability, which thankfully has been consistently improving.

Mod Compatibility

Mod compatibility is of course a constant issue for any modded servers and we appreciate the efforts to find and report any issues that arise. As we’ve been getting more modpack-based reports come in we think it might helpful for users to be aware of the binary search method to identify which mods are causing the conflict:

Install a test server with SpongeForge and half of the mods found in your modpack.
If the problem remains, the issue is in the half you installed, otherwise it is in the half you did not.
Take the set where the problem occurs and repeat the process (install only half the mods from the previous step)
Repeat until you have identified which mod the problem arises from.

Essentially this process narrows down the offending set to 1/2, 1/4, 1/8th and 1/16th of your mods and so on until you find the problem, taking significantly fewer steps than adding your mods one by one. (Especially for large modpacks)

API7/1.12.2 Cleanup

As part of our legacy cleanup, we will be removing issues relating to API7/1.12.2 from Issues · SpongePowered/Sponge · GitHub. Though active development by the Sponge team has ceased, we are still willing to accept pull requests from the community


Our Docs team is always keen to accept contributions from our community, indeed some are itching to review pull requests as we speak! If you’d like to get involved please check out: Contributing to Sponge — Sponge 8.0.0 documentation

Our Translation effort is also extremely welcoming of assistance, so far we’ve been making good progress on several languages but there are many more in need of help! You can take a look at the Translation Progress here and make contributions if you spot anything in need of a fix.