Sponge Status Update - 7th April 2023

Presenting for your education, enlightenment and edification, the latest Sponge Status Update!

1.19.4 Experimental Builds

For those of you not intently refreshing our Downloads site every few minutes, it may please you to hear that SpongeVanilla 1.19.4 experimental builds became available last month. In keeping with our new update strategy, current point releases (including this one) may introduce API-breaking changes. This may result in some plugins breaking (though we try to keep this to a minimum), so if any issues arise please check for new plugin versions and report issues as necessary.

A reminder to use experimental builds at your own risk and be sure to BACKUP regularly! Of course, being experimental builds there may be issues we’re unaware of, if you happen to find any please report them on our Issues Page.

SpongeVanilla 1.19.4 Experimental Builds can be found here

API 8/1.16.5 Development

Our API 8/1.16.5 development has been proceeding smoothly with an aim to sorting out the last few bugs before issuing our SpongeVanilla Release build.
Additionally, we’ve been hard at work addressing a few mod compatibility issues where possible for SpongeForge. Of course we can’t hunt down every issue ourselves, so if you’ve noticed any please remember to report them to us via Discord or on our Issues Page.

API 10/1.19.x Development

As mentioned above, the 1.19.x series is still in active development by Mojang with the release of 1.19.4 and as such the occasional API break is still encountered as we update API 10. Given that the 1.20 snapshot series has begun, there is a reasonable chance that this is the last release in the 1.19.x cycle, which would enable us to freeze API 10 and begin active work on API 11.

State of Sponge XXII

Come along one and all to our latest State of Sponge, currently scheduled for the 22nd of April at 21:00 UTC! We’ll be streaming live from SpongeVanilla 1.19.4 but hope to present a little Modded SpongeForge 1.16.5 action for you as well!
As usual you can join us in-game on block19.spongepowered.org and view the stream live on Twitch