Sponge Status Update - Minecraft 1.12 and what it means for you


Hey look! SpongeVanilla 1.12 is ready for advanced testing and development!

The Sponge Team is very happy with being able to bring to you an early development build of 1.12 support so soon after release, keeping in line with our previous 1.11 development release. As some may already expect, Forge development is highly experimental and at this time, we will not be releasing SpongeForge for 1.12 as of yet until further stability has been ensured (and some issues revolving around client development for certain set ups have been made). That being all said, we’re able to do all of this thanks to the Minecraft community at large, including the folks at MCP for getting the mappings released as quickly as they have. Since this is one of the first few 1.12 builds, there hasn’t been a full diagnosis about the stability of the builds, and as such, I feel it very necessary to provide the following warning:

Latest Builds are the bleeding edge of Sponge Development and can be experimental and/or unstable. If choosing to migrate existing worlds, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND DOING A BACKUP FIRST. Additionally, we recommend performing frequent backups of the server in order to minimize any potential damage caused by bugs.

Latest builds are meant to be used to test plugins in a development environment or to try out experimental features and/or bug fixes. If you want to ensure a stable server, please use the Recommended builds instead. When we believe a particular build is stable enough for general use, we will promote it as a Recommended build. We are not responsible for any permanent damage done to your server, software, and/or it’s data.

As per usual with bleeding build updates for Minecraft versions, previous bleeding versions for previous versions of Minecraft will no longer be supported (Looking at any API 6 implementation builds targeting Minecraft 1.11.2). HOWEVER what this does mean is that we still have two implementation and API branches of support that are stable: API 5.x for Minecraft 1.10.2, and API 6.x for Minecraft 1.11.2.

State of Sponge XIV

Sadly due to unforseen events we will have to delay SoS XIV to another date (Most likely the 24th at this stage), we apologise to everyone who wanted to come along, but we trust that you’ll make the most of our 1.12 development builds.

So in the meantime, mess around and see what cool new plugins you can come up with on Minecraft 1.12, we may even show them off when we next see you at the State of Sponge! If you’re really keen to just hop straight onto a server and have a look around, you’re in luck! Join the Sponge Community Server at demo.spongepowered.org to give it a go.

[EDIT: The SCS is now officially updated and using SpongeVanilla builds for Minecraft 1.12]

Once more we apologise for the delay, but we hope to see you at a livestream again soon.


May I present, for your edification and/or entertainment; a Giant Coloured Concrete Whale made with VoxelSniper and WorldEdit, made in the last hour on the 1.12 SpongeVanilla Community Server mentioned above. It works.


At this point I want so say thank you for your great work!. I use Sponge since 1 1/2 years and its fantastic. I hope you will be sucessful in the future too and have fun to bring the community this fantastic servers!.