Sponge Sublinks In Google Search

  1. So there is no sub links,and in case do not know what is sub
    links,it is the little links under the main search.As of right now
    there isn’t one with sponge but bukkit do.
  2. There is kinda a sub link but it is spread around as different
  3. The reason I want/need it because loading up sponge webpage takes
    forever to load and although I can bookmark it but it would be more
    convenient for it to show up in google search and it make sponge
    look more professional and it is cleaner without results spread



This is my first topic so don’t be so strict with me :smiley:
Hope for this to be added soon

If you want to search the site, type the following into the Google search:

What You Want To Search For site:spongepowered.org

That’s all the search bar does anyway.

But I’d prefer everything into one section and not spread out so that it doesn’t look messy.Plus why bother search manually when if we add the thingy like bukkit we would avoid these needs.

I don’t mean to be rude but you sound extremely lazy… The links are there; who cares if it isn’t neat…

Google will add those links automatically if it can determine that they are related.
It cannot be directly influenced AFAIK


I believe you are correct on that one.

Google builds each site’s search results based on the the site index. The web admin would have to take the time to set this up and then actually do it. I’ve tired it before but never got it to work quite right, but then again I never allocated a lot of time or effort to get it to work…

So it doesn’t 100% rely on google to do it and requires some work for it?

Yeah, even guaranteeing that your site gets on google requires some work on your part or your web hosts.

I also think your correct. I thought it was be done using meta-tags, but seems not. I think this post could be helpfully to explain it.

It’s not through meta tags that that is achieved. It’s through google webmasters.

And for google to be able to understand it you have to have meta tags and well designed navigation for their spider. Then certain pages have to have high amounts of traffic. @thomas15v’s post with the link to stackoverflow explains it really well. And like the one user on stackoverflow said, google keeps how the whole system kinda secret…

I don’t care about that. I use DuckDuckGo. :grin:

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