Sponge Survival (Hunger) Games

I’m making a Survival (Hunger) Games plugin for Sponge. I’ve only just started, so keep your expectations low. I’ll update things here as I make progress.

Here’s the link:

I haven’t seen any other hunger game plugins. Do you guys know of any?

October 8, 2015:
Progress has been slow. I’m trying to switch jobs so my evenings are usually taken up by preparing for interviews or sending out applications. However, I have made some progress.

  • Games can be created, deleted and listed
  • Games have three states:
  • STOPPED: state for configuration changes
  • READY: state where players can join and leave the game
  • RUNNING: game is currently in progress
  • Games have the following settings:
  • Minecraft World which the game occurs in
  • Spawn locations
  • Center location for initial chests
  • Exit location for players to teleport to once they leave/die/win the game
  • Max number of players who can join the game
  • Length of the countdown period (once the game has started but before the players can move)
  • All settings can be set via commands. (Commands are still a WIP)
  • Once the game is started, players spawn in, and the countdown period occurs

And that’s it. I admit, without Inventory support and certain Events, it will be hard to get real functionality out of the plugin, but I will continue to write the plugin anyways.

Are there any other settings I should include?

October 14, 2015:
I made a ton of progress this weekend. Here’s what I’ve added:

  • Player death’s are now handled
  • The games can be won
  • Configuration files are almost complete
  • Logic for filling chests with loot is implemented
  • Added two settings for configuring loot:
  • Chest Midpoint: Average loot items to put in a chest
  • Chest Range: How many more or less than the average items can appear

So, for example, with a chest midpoint of 3 and a chest range of 1, there will be somewhere between 2 to 4 items in every chest.

The last main thing I need to complete is the loot itself, and thanks to @JBYoshi I should be able to complete that within the next few days. There’s also a little bit of work I could do with Scoreboards and player commands. Also settings for entity spawn rates. Overall though, things are starting to come together.

As a side note, I am currently filling chests with items using Forge code, so I’m breaking the golden rule and using the implementation. Hopefully the Sponge API is completed enough for me to be able to add items to chests, but if not, I might have a “dirty” plugin until the API is implemented.

Again, let me know if there’s any important settings or details that I’m missing.


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I have not heard of any.
Although I would advise to rename it to not use the name “Sponge” since that could lead to people thinking it might be somewhat official and linked to the Sponge Dev team.


I don’t know such a plugin either. Good to see someone finally programming one :wink:

I haven’t heard of any either, probably because Sponge isn’t fully implemented yet and half of the features needed aren’t finished yet.

I’m interested in this my self, as well as spleef and tnt run