Sponge Thaumcraft Crossbow/Autocaster Interact Crash

Hello everyone,

I’m new to sponge (like most people xD) and I seem to have a issue with Thaumcraft in 1.8.9 and Sponge:
Without sponge it works fine so I assumed this is the right place to post this error, either way I’m hoping some of you can shed some light on the issue.

Here goes:

I place a crossbow (autocaster or advanced crossbow) everything is fine, once I try to add an item or remove an item in it’s slot the server crashes.
So I tried to enable in the forge configuration the removal of entities and tile entities that were errorring. This resulted in the bug I present in the log below. Only the player that interacted with the entity seems to bug, once bugged the player can interact with blocks normally (sees them change and all that) but he can’t interact with entities normally he fails to see them move and can’t interact with the crossbow any longer, he can still damage them though if they keep still.
Players seem disappear from the bugged player’s client too.
All this is fixed upon relog until he interacts with a crossbow again.

Here’s the log after I enabled removing erroring entities and tile entities on the forge config and added arrows to a crossbow’s inventory slot:

The mod list should be pretty explicit in the log.

Thanks in advance.

I found this error on our test server . Its known, kinda. Some sort of conflict with the inventory api. Sorry Im not a coder so I dont know details.

Oh thank you.
It’s good to know it’s known. I was hoping so but I came to report it (and maybe get some help xd) anyway.

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Im sure the report is still appreciated.

@Etian A fix for this issue will be available fairly soon

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Thank you for the heads up. It’s a small private server for my buddies so there’s no real rush for me. :smiley:
I’m really looking forward to see where sponge is heading it reminds me of my bukkit days before it went down except with decent mod support.
Keep up the good work.
Once it’s fixed I’ll be sure to place [Solved] in the title.

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You can just mark a post as the solution of your problem. Click on the three little ... next to the reply button in the post which contains the solution. There’s a little checked box This reply solves the problem. If you click it, the whole thread will get marked as solved and the post with the solution will have a mark.

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This error has been fixed, try a newer build of sponge.