Sponge Timings Report


Im new to timings and im trying to understand why a full tick is over 300%. Can someone who knows timings rip though this a dumb out where i should be looking? Server shouldint be lagging so id like to know what causing it!

Looks like you’ve got a lot of worldgen going. Generally what people do is they pregenerate their world and then change the world border to the pregeneration limit, so there’s never any worldgen lag.

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So basically it just a mass of people pregenerating chunks exploring and around there bases? New chunks since it writes to the disk.


This is an updated report

Yup, basically. Whenever you see worldgen clogging your server, it means there’s people walking around exploring and generating new terrain.

Seems to be getting worse and i know people arnt exploring cause that would require multitude of people generating chunks i think its something else possibly?