Sponge Tools Index

Sponge Tools Index
This is a list of tools made to simplify or help you do anything relating to your Minecraft Server.

Absorbant | Absorbs all the worries of making permissions

Plugin Development

Lapis Commons - Unified toolkit for rapid Sponge plugin development


Foundation - Modular Essentials-like plugin

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Put what ever you think the category should be but I might decide on a better category.

I know it’s a bit early in the development of Sponge. So if you have a tool that’s isn’t done yet but you have a forum post about it go ahead and post it here. Hopefully we can get a big list of tools for people to use.

Sorry if this is the wrong category.

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Lapis Commons

Tool Name: Lapis Commons
Short Description: Unified toolkit for rapid Sponge plugin development
Category: Development


Lapis Commons has been added!

Tool Name: Foundation
Short Description: Modular Essentials-like plugin
Category: Essentials

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@Kornagan Foundation added

Added Absorbant.