Sponge|True or false

Hello! Help me pls. I started getting very strange logs in console when you break or place any blocks. http://imgur.com/a/Sp1a8
What to do?

What plugins/mods are on your server?

Here a list http://imgur.com/titCmO4

Thats a lot… Does it only happen when sponge is running?

Cant help but wonder if there isn’t a fair bit of helpful information in that half-line cut off of the top of the image, showing a tag or a classname or such prior to the true/false burst that might point at the plugin…

Please post the whole log to www.pastebin.com and link it here.

I suspect that these logs are debug logs from one plugin/mod. The only way to find out which one it is would be removing one plugin at a time.

Well, technically, if this is an existing server that has had most of these plugins since whenever before, and “STARTED GETTING” implies did not have such things prior to a few days ago, then one would start backwards from the plugins that you have recently installed or upgraded. Most of your jar files appear to be a few weeks old, and a couple just a couple days old, so that reduces the “remove one at a time” down to “remove one of the 3 or 4 at a time to likely identify it”

A huge thank you to everyone who has paid attention to my topic.

The problem was a plugin update HuskyCrate to the latest version. I went back a few versions ago - the problem disappeared.

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Sooo @codeHusky forgot some debug-line in his code? :wink:

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You’re using a pre release.

Wait lol wtf what topic is this on


@Roix When choosing to use a pre-production release of a plugin, knowing that it might cause some odd behavior should be expected. In the future, if you download a bunch of plugins, please make sure to use standard releases as they probably be the most stable.

Make sure to use the next prerelease when it comes out, which eliminates those log entries.

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