Sponge vocabulary questions

  • Back in the old days, the Bukkit community established NMS as the general term for the implementation code (CraftBukkit and the Minecraft server). Does Sponge retain this, or is there a different term used?
  • Is there a special name for Sponge plugins that access the implementation code? If so, what is it?

A. I would assume we will continue to use NMS as a term, to me it means ‘net.minecraft.server’ but it could also stand for ‘native minecraft server’. I don’t see any reason to change it.

B. Who knows? They could probably just be called NMS-Plugins, considering that is exactly what they are - plugins for the NMS code

(none of my answers are final//the opinion of the masses, this is just how I feel, and how I think things will go)

bad plugins? honestly there should be little to no reason at all to touch vanilla code if you are writing a SpongeAPI plugin, this was discussed briefly during the recent SOS VII and your name was mentioned as someone that keeps suggesting stuff that hasn’t been thought of or was missed at some point, basically SpongeAPI should be allowing you to do almost anything that isn’t by nature, hacky.

NMS still stands for net.minecraft.server, which is only modified by Mixins at runtime

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Actually, for one of the plugins I’m working on (something similar to Orebfuscator), I’m doing some packet manipulation, which the developers have stated will not be added. So yes, it is a bit hacky, but I don’t believe it’s “bad”.



The most hilarious answer ever… :smiley:

And the truest too

In all technicality, plugins are server-side mods anyway…

Except they interact with the API layer, meaning they are portable to other platforms, should they exist.

Where as a ForgeMod that uses the SpongeAPI would only work on forge servers, Mods that rely on NMS + SpongeAPI would work on SpongeForge and SpongeVanilla servers.