Sponge website and plugin repository discussion

As you know, Sponge currently has the website and the forums. I believe I can say that there is a general consensus around the Sponge community that it needs a well-organized plugin repository similar to DevBukkit(DBO), but completely free and maintained by the community. The core team is currently busy organizing the main project, but I believe there are enough members to begin organized work on the Sponge repo.

That being said, the Sponge website needs several core features:

  • Homepage: The current homepage is pretty good, but we should expand on it and integrate it with the future site.
  • Forums: There are some people who wish to create new forums. I believe this is unecessary and discourse is a good enough solution. We just need to authenticate using discourse or the other way around similar to bukkitdev and we’ll be fine.
  • Downloads: Similar to dl.bukkit.org, there should be a download page. I’m thinking that this could be a special page, but the actual sponge download will be hosted in the plugins repository, just not as an installable plugin but a special package.
  • Plugins: This is the biggest part. There should be a central plugins repository where devs can create plugins and have them reviewed and downloaded. I also mentioned that it would be cool for Sponge to be a special package in its own repository, but still have a special ‘dl.spongepowered.org’ page that links to the packages page.
  • Package manager: Hopefully we can eventually build a package manager that is included with the default Sponge distribution for installing packages from the plugins page through the command-line or ingame.

I’m currently working on mockups and am periodically uploading them to http://gratimax.net/sponge-temple. Please feel free to leave feedback. There is also some development happening over at https://github.com/Jake0oo0/Sponge-Site.

Our biggest priority and discussion topic right now is putting a main repo somewhere.


Did you saw that: Plugin release system?

I really like your mockup @gratimax. Looks great!

The one thing that I strongly disliked about having a separate site for plugins and the forums was the lack of a smooth transition. The two sites looked very different and they really didn’t seem to fit together. MeltedLux and I have been working on that second site, with the goal of implementing everything together, forums, plugins, downloads, resources, etc. Note that the design is nowhere near complete, and is just temporary while building the site. If you want to contribute, please do.

I’ve just deployed a new version with a dropdown to go to other, important sponge-related links. I think it actually looks perfectly fine. The design fits with the forum theme(that is on purpose), and it’s easy to go back. Once it is hosted, the forum will hopefully also have a dropdown with the same number of links.

There should be a gradle repository that just has pointers on the project page. This would easily allow plugins to support other plugins and wouldn’t be super difficult or server intensive for the website. Just a thought.