Sponge, Why do you have so many bugs?!

When I started doing the server on the sponge, I thought it was a more or less stable server core, but I was wrong.
I use 1.10.2 SPONGE, One of the latest versions
Mods: Custom NPCs, Lots of food, Mo’Creatures, CustomMobSpawner

About bugs and flaws:

  1. CustomMobSpawner does not see new worlds, so I cant Configure spawn mobs in this world (world created by “ProjectWorlds”).
  2. If you drop the item and enter the inventory in the quests section (CustomNPCs), then the object will remain in inventory and will be on the ground. So we have already 2 items. You can clone items (Such a bug was not even on 1.7.10 forge etc; I havent this bug in single player). The mod maker said this is a problem in Sponge.
  3. A lot of incomprehensible server crashes

Why caulron on 1.7.10 is more stable than sponge on 1.10.2?

Can someone help me with this problems? I can pay for this…

Please do not find fault with the errors in the text, Im russian

Do remeber that sponge has only reasently hit beta stage and it is still heavily in development and has been for over a year (dont know how many years).

Bukkit was in beta for years while it fixed its bugs.

Thats why there are so many bugs. If you want to see the reported bugs in the “issue” and “pull request” part of the github page

Can u throw me githib page when I can write about issue?

Actually most of the issues you have are SpongeForge only issues. So ill send you a spongeforge issue github url


You are aware that Sponge is relatively new still, and isn’t trying to copy existing apis like some other server platforms, right?
There’s been a lot of work put into Sponge, and to criticize a new platform just because it’s not as good as something that’s not even entirely original and maybe even older than this project is silly.
Sponge is new. Sponge is arguably better than a lot of other options.

Reporting issues to the proper places rather than acting like it shouldn’t be a problem helps more people. If you want to see software improve, you have to tell the people working on it what you’ve run into that’s an issue, otherwise it’ll never improve.

And plus, it’s not like you’ve even been comparing the latest versions of both. It’s not really fair.

If you really want to sensibly report bugs in Sponge implementations, the best way is to include useful information like the version of SpongeForge, Forge, and any mods you use, along with a link to the server log file on a service like pastebin or similar. When reporting issues on the GitHub repos, we ask for the same information, as well as steps to reproduce the error. It’s always best to make sure you are using the very latest version of SpongeForge (for whatever version of MC you use), and check that the issue hasn’t already been reported.

As for issues with CustomMobSpawner, @blood might know ways to get that sorted out, if you still have the problem on the latest versions.

If you have any further issues with Sponge, make sure you check out the translated SpongeDocs.