Sponge with Biome's O Plenty


I have an important problem to address here today.

I am running a dedicated modded survival server in minecraft 1.12.2 with forge version 2838 and the latest sponge version for 1.12.2

When I load in sponge, for some UNGODLY REASON. Biomes’ O Plenty decided to no longer generate trees.

Any trees.
At all.


Nor plants.
Nor any sort of ‘detail’ or greenery. Just blocks.

This sucks so much because I want the ability to use plugins but I want the world to be pretty as well. I can’t just have one.

Please help.


A server I know is having this exact issue. Biomes’ O Plenty also stops generating sand, gravel, and clay in areas like rivers. I don’t know too much about sponge, but I hope the issue gets fixed soon.