Sponge with WorldEdit crash

I’m trying to run SpongeForge and WorldEdit (forge-mc1.8-6.1) both on a forge server
but when I start the server I got this error : http://pastebin.com/wvxN6AaL
I’m running the server from my eclipse ide (maybe in a deobfuscated env ?)

EDIT : I’m in a deobfuscated env : http://pastebin.com/tvq22TQL

It’s just a current incompatibility between SpongeForge and WorldEdit or I should do something ?

I am using Forge, the Sponge coremod, & WorldEdit Forge mod successfully with the following versions of files:

forge-1.8-          18c93543abed4f52bdaf5f2c0ed1d490f8504a4a
minecraft_server.1.8.jar                      a028f00e678ee5c6aef0e29656dca091b5df11c7
mods/spongeforge-1.8-1521-2.1-DEV-750.jar     58a34a7deef35077fa56ddf2e94e78b988f994c9
mods/worldedit-forge-mc1.8-6.1.jar            cc4342b081ce8b890721c076fde5c294246c7a84

I have made it work on servers/clients run on Windows 7, 8.1, and Ubuntu 14.04 - all running Java 1.8 Update 65.

But i’m not running Sponge from a jar file but from a gradle project in eclipse (cloned from the github repo)

You need a a dev (deobf) version of WorldEdit. WorldEdit is looking for a method called func_150565_n which does not exist in a deobfuscated environment because it’s called getBiomeGenArray
So either find a dev version of WorldEdit or build from it’s source.

I solved my problem with your help and a custom installation. Thank !