SpongeCast | Now With Prefixes! [v1.1.0]

Sponge Cast

A simple scheduled broadcasting plugin.
Github Link.
Latest Download (Version 1.1.0)


  • Two delays to add even more control over messages.
  • Several different modes to switch between:
    • round-robin where messages are sent in order continuously
    • random where a message is selected at random
    • next where each message defines what message will be sent next
  • Use multiple groups so different broadcasts can be sent without waiting for one another.
  • Fully documented configuration file
  • Permissions

Planned Features

  • Twitter feeds
    • feed from user’s posts
    • feed from tags
  • Tumblr feeds
  • RSS feeds
  • in-game commands


The configuration is easy to use.
Each message group can be titled whatever it want’s to be. These groups have two parts, the mode, and the messages.
The mode can be either round, random, or next.
The messages are always a list and the message is what will be sent to the viewer.
Each message can have a pre-delay and post-delay setting.
pre-delay will wait X amount of seconds before playing the message.
post-delay will wait X amount of seconds after playing the message before moving on the next message
(most useful in random or next mode).
delay is an alias of pre-delay and can be used alone as a delay in-between messages.

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