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Spongecraft server setup :wrench:

My adventure so far… :no_mouth:
Hello everyone, so. I’m Josh or Sir_Crisp in Minecraft and I have just recently started dabbling into server creation. I have tried creating my own servers before when I was quite a bit younger, however, this never went well as I did not have the resources to host a server. I attempted doing this off a home router at the time…

Now I have aged things like Jobs have come into existence and I actually can afford server hosting. I have started to host a server from ServerMiner, which use the SMpicnic control panel. I have used two “Plugin Manager API things” at the moment, these being: Bukkit and Spigot. I used Bukkit to start with and found out that a lot of people have stopped developing for it and many things are out of date. Then I went to Spigot because I heard it uses Bukkit plugins but can use the supported updated versions and now I have come across sponge craft and it looks even better.

Whereas certain things may not be supported on sponge craft the plugins that I have looked at generally look a lot better and all have some sort of GUI that can be clicked in the Minecraft chat interface. This may have been a thing in other plugin managers, however, this is the first time I have seen it.

I wish to use sponge craft for my server but it has come to my attention that the host or SMpicnic doesn’t exactly support it, by this I mean that it is not in the premade list of plugin managers like forge, bukkit, spigot etc.
I do not know how to install it onto my server otherwise and I wanted to come here for help with that, do you think it would be possible? I know already that I don’t have to install plugins from SMpicnics list of plugins and have added and configured plugins using the file manager before, even though I find this difficult.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :grinning:

Don’t worry about this anymore, the guys at Sponge Chat helped me tons! Thanks again!


You are welcome :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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