#spongedev's Adventure Through Bethesda @ E3

<FerusGrim> I'm too busy being stunned by Doom gameplay @ Bethesda's E3.
<gratimax> pedro sucks... because... his name starts with a P
<gratimax> FerusGrim: wait, I just checked, we're not in 1993 anymore
<gratimax> oh, THAT doom :P
<FerusGrim> It's a new one, lol
<Zidane> You and I are in complete agreement FerusGrim 
<gratimax> they made another Doom
<gratimax> and another one after that, and here they go again
<FerusGrim> I would make demon children with this version of Doom, though.
<gratimax> Aaaaaannd I'm out
<Zidane> LOL
<FerusGrim> lol
<gratimax>  /r/evenwithcontext
<Zidane> gratimax, doesn't appreciate being doomed by DOOM
<kenzierocks> gratimax: // please
<FerusGrim> ^
<kenzierocks> /r/eventwithcontext
<FerusGrim> /r/evenwithcontext
<FerusGrim> kenzierocks, "event" lol
<kenzierocks> damn keys
<kenzierocks> where's my mind reader
<gratimax> on your leapord
<FerusGrim> More like muscle memory.
<gratimax> I fail today
<kenzierocks> gratimax: s/keyboard/leopard/
<gratimax> I meant leopard 
<FerusGrim> lol
<kenzierocks> i actually run that
<gratimax> kenzierocks: wow, you read XKCD too?!?!?!??!?!?!?!
<DDoS> r/subredditsarehashtags
<kenzierocks> i also run the other substitutions one
<kenzierocks> gratimax: who doesn't
<gratimax> .tumblr.com
<FerusGrim> mfw being beaten to death with my dismembered arms, Zidane.
<gratimax>  /r/evenwithcontext
<kenzierocks> gratimax.tumblr.com
<FerusGrim> Does GMax have a tumblr?
<DDoS> no, it's a 404 page
<FerusGrim> aww
<gratimax> the only things I could write on a blog are boring posts about code and stuff
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<gratimax> Which I really should be doing to be honest
<FerusGrim> Doom SnapMap. :o
<FerusGrim> I feel like they may have given up some cleverness for a tagword.
<gratimax> buzzword
<gratimax> or tagline
<gratimax> not both
<FerusGrim> I couldn't think of the proper words.
<gratimax> I like buzzline
<FerusGrim> buzzword is what I was looking for.
<FerusGrim> Zidane, you can totally tell when people are on stage and uncomfortable lol
<Zidane> FerusGrim, I think they are emotional. I mean the game has been their life the last three years
<Zidane> Likely
<FerusGrim> Fair enough.
<Zidane> I probably would be too
<FerusGrim> Imagine being suddenly popular and on-stage in front of, like, a afew thousand people.
<FerusGrim> Have fun at Minecon! :D
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<FerusGrim> Is it just me, or is that left-center panel a bit busted?
<Grinch> I noticed it as well, FerusGrim.
<Grinch> Was driving me nuts.
<FerusGrim> TESO looks neat.
<Grinch> I've played it, before losing access (never trust 3rd party sellers). Was a pretty awesome game.
<FerusGrim> Does it allow you to explore the areas in recent games? Skyrim, Morrowind, Oblivion?
<FerusGrim> If so, is it similar to the game, or entirely different?
<Grinch> Uh.
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<FerusGrim> XD
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* Borg gives channel operator status to Grinch
<Grinch> Grr.
<Grinch> Anyways.
<Grinch> It is before the events of TESIV and TESV
<Grinch> IIRC
<Grinch> There is a fair bit of the map to explore, one second.
<FerusGrim> Ah, okay.
<FerusGrim> Legends looks neat. I've never been into SCG, but I might give it a try because, well. TES.
<FerusGrim> Worst. Joke. Ever.
<Grinch> FerusGrim, http://tamrielfoundry.com/map/ 
<Grinch> That is the explorable content right now AFAIK
<FerusGrim> I'll take a look after fallout.
* FerusGrim intensifies
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* Grinch gamegasms
<FerusGrim> Wow.
<FerusGrim> That character creator.
<Zidane> This is a special moment
<Zidane> I've been waiting 7 years for this...
<FerusGrim> <3
* FerusGrim holds Zidane 
<Kashike> for what?
<FerusGrim> Fallout 4
<Zidane> FO4
<FerusGrim> shit, I missed it. Was that a SELECTED dialouge?
<FerusGrim> IT IS
* Kashike runs off and hides
<FerusGrim> lol
<FerusGrim> Registration Form
<Grinch> I can't handle it.
<FerusGrim> They recorded popular names. :o
<FerusGrim> Too bad they probably didn't record FerusGrim. :(
<FerusGrim> If they cut out before we get to the vault, I'm going to kill something.
<Grinch> Wonder if they got Grinch :D
<FerusGrim> ;_;
<FerusGrim> Maybe. :p
<FerusGrim> sole survivor. :(
<FerusGrim> My family. :(
<FerusGrim> Shawn y? :(
<Grinch> It's so beautiful.
<FerusGrim> Have they said where it's taking place?
<Zidane> Boston
<Zidane> Near MIT and such
<FerusGrim> Oh, shit.
<FerusGrim> I don't live far away.
<FerusGrim> "Two centuries late for dinner"
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* FerusGrim invulitarily luls
<FerusGrim> (sp)
<Grinch> Those vats!
<Grinch> <3
<FerusGrim> I swear, I'm having my dog bring me a murlack eye, ASAP.
<FerusGrim> I think, maybe, they didn't need to be SO detailed on the rat's nipples.
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<FerusGrim> I need an ETA on the release date asap
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<Grinch> YES!
<Grinch> I want it.
<Grinch> It's mine.
<zml> the games are shipped on tape?
<zml> are they available as a zip disk?
<zml> that's all I have
<Zidane> FO4 collector's edition is an instant buy
<Grinch> Buying it the second it's available.
<FerusGrim> I want to cry.
<FerusGrim> "As far as stupid gimmicks go, this is the best fucking one"
<Grinch> No windows phone </3
<Grinch> Going to buy a Nexus 4 just for that thing.
<mbaxter> That line made me laugh substantially
<FerusGrim> me, too
<FerusGrim> I'm imagining he's about to talk about something similar to GTA5's iFruit app.
<FerusGrim> ....this GAME THO
<FerusGrim> WAT
<mbaxter> this game is lulz
<Grinch> Bethesda won E3. No doubt.
<FerusGrim> ^
<Grinch> They'll have my wallet soon.
<FerusGrim> omfg
<FerusGrim> I... need all of this.
<mbaxter> I never got around to playing fallout. I should fix that before these things come out
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<FerusGrim> You should, mbaxter 
<Grinch> Play Fallout 3 GOTY then Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition
<Grinch> Both really good games.
<FerusGrim> "The bar, of course, trains charisma" - Someone has been playing dating sims
<mbaxter> oh god the babymaking room
<FerusGrim> LOL
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<FerusGrim> Poor Kayla
<FerusGrim> I can already hear my wallet crying.
<FerusGrim> <3
<Grinch> Mine is hiding in the corner crying.
<FerusGrim> Ya, mine's drinking alchohol and talking about bills or something.
<FerusGrim> WHAT IS IT
* Grinch still WP
<FerusGrim> Wait, Fallout Shelter
* Grinch sad
<FerusGrim> Fallout Shelter is coming out tonight. :D
<mbaxter> oh god this is amazing.
<FerusGrim> omg
<Grinch> My god Bethesda.
<Grinch> You've ruined my life.
<FerusGrim> no... fucking way.
<Grinch> I'll never leave the game.
<FerusGrim> wtf bethesda I have a job...
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<mbaxter> And now you can have a job in the game too FerusGrim 
<FerusGrim> We're going to need someone to replace Zidane. RIP Sponge.
<FerusGrim> omg, you run wires.
<Zidane> Honestly, I'll probably vanish for a few days when its released
<Grinch> s/days/weeks
<mbaxter> months
<FerusGrim> Once I find out the ETA, I'm marking myself for PTO immediately.
<mbaxter> Better get an important sponge release out just prior to launch
<Zidane> LOL
<evilmidget38> This game sounds amazing
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<Grinch> Might need to schedule a week off myself...
<FerusGrim> ...They build in a fucking Tower Defense game.
<mbaxter> This is looking ridiculous.
<FerusGrim> ....
<evilmidget38> I really hope that app isn't apple only...
<evilmidget38> I'm really worried
<Grinch> It's Android/iOS
<FerusGrim> thank god
<Grinch> Sadly for me, not WP.
<FerusGrim> Sorry, Grinch. :(
<mbaxter> I only heard android/ios for the first app, not the fallout shelter one
<FerusGrim> I have a spare Android. I'll send it to you.
<FerusGrim> No Fanboy Left Behind
<mbaxter> he only mentioned apple for fallout shelter
<mbaxter> which would make me sadface
<Grinch> I've never fanboyed so hard.
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<Grinch> What they've done, it's just pure beauty.
<FerusGrim> I've never been happier in my entire life. I have a son.
<FerusGrim> UNNNNG that custom gun tho
<evilmidget38> Yeah, I'm with mbaxter.  I'm not sure about fallout shelter.
<evilmidget38> he just kept talking about iphone and working with apple
<mbaxter> Hoping that's just a deal with apple to promote iphone and it'll be out for both
<FerusGrim> Modified power armor. ;_;
<FerusGrim> I have a spare iPhone, too.
<mbaxter> bear hat?
<mbaxter> aw yiss
<FerusGrim> Enemy: "Raider Scum" lol
<Grinch> Hey they used a song that Conelrad had.
<FerusGrim> ...I think nuclearly bombing the raider may have been overkill.
<mbaxter> little bit
<mbaxter> did he just kill someone with a teddy bear
<evilmidget38> yes
<FerusGrim> Yes.
<mbaxter> ok, sold.
<FerusGrim> Jetpacks pls
<Grinch> Plot twist Zidane, releases during Minecon.
<FerusGrim> That would be the worst possible thing.
<Grinch> For this project, yes lol
<evilmidget38> fuck
<FerusGrim> lol
<evilmidget38> november 10th
<mbaxter> ... fuck
<evilmidget38> I have school
<Grinch> <3
<Grinch> Nov. 10th 2015
<FerusGrim> I'm taking a month off of work Nov 10th.
<FerusGrim> JUST less than 5 months away holy shit
<mbaxter> Tie it into thanksgiving
<Kashike> http://www.helpineedhelp.com/
<evilmidget38> link will be on blog, better be android
<evilmidget38> bethesda plz
<mbaxter> bethblog is offline, lol
<mbaxter> bethesda lrn 2 cache
<FerusGrim> bethesda PLS be android.
<evilmidget38> lol
<Grinch> Can't even access bethblog.com
<mbaxter> they forgot to cache.
<FerusGrim> "Error establishing a database connection"
<FerusGrim> It crashed
<drazisil> heh
<mbaxter> they should figure that screen glitch out
<FerusGrim> Just looked at the chat for the first time since the showcase started
<FerusGrim> it's mayhem
<FerusGrim> I love action figures, but idgaf i want fallout shelter
<FerusGrim> fuck, where's the link to the post show?
<FerusGrim> more info on Fallout. ;_p;
<Grinch> FerusGrim, I think it's the same stream
<Grinch> Could be wrong
<FerusGrim> It is, I think
<mbaxter> it is
<Kashike> I love how their view count dropped
 Grinch gratimax greatman Greenphlem Grifs99 Grum GrygrFlzr 
<Kashike> 527k -> 356k
<FerusGrim> Grinch, mbaxter http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2015/06/14/fallout-shelter-management-mobile-game-coming-to-ios-and-android-tonight.aspx
<Grinch> So, based on the tweet from BethesdaStudios, I think it's an iOS only app
<FerusGrim> It's coming to android
<Grinch> Oh?
<Grinch> Sweet.. for you guys lol
<Grinch> The one time I'm truly saddened I went with Windows Phone.
<mbaxter> Time to run an android emulator on windows phone
<Zidane> FerusGrim, they changed the title of the article
<FerusGrim> I just noticed.
<FerusGrim> ;_;
<Grinch> If the game gets good enough response they'll likely port it.
<Grinch> or already are working on releasing an Android version.
<evilmidget38> bethblog loaded
<evilmidget38> nothing about the app
<FerusGrim> "good enough response" I don't think a single game ever will get as many downloads the first night.
<mbaxter> I'd assume they're doing both, but maybe apple special agreement
<Grinch> evilmidget38, I keep getting jumped around between caches.
 Grinch gratimax greatman Greenphlem Grifs99 Grum GrygrFlzr 
<FerusGrim> Grinch, mbaxter http://www.xpadian.com/
<mbaxter> lol
<Grinch> ;)
<mbaxter> who are these interviewdudes
<evilmidget38> bookmarked
<evilmidget38> I am ready
<FerusGrim> They got popular on G4, like, 12 years ago, I think
<mbaxter> oh they're g4 folks? k
<Grinch> I want to know when I can preorder the CE
<Grinch> The second I can, my wallet is getting molested.
<evilmidget38> Is it just me, or is youtube's stream higher quality than twitch's? https://www.youtube.com/e3?feature=int-yo-e3
<FerusGrim> I'll be checking Steam, like, every hour every dasy
<Grinch> Can.. you preorder the CE on Steam?
<FerusGrim> evilmidget38, you can change your quality level
<FerusGrim> "The CE"?
<Grinch> Collectors Edition
<Grinch> With the PipBoy
<FerusGrim> Oh, I don't know.
<FerusGrim> I'm checking now
<Grinch> The ohdeargodImusthaveitBoy
<FerusGrim> ^
<FerusGrim> Not yet.
<Grinch> Nothing on Amazon eitherr.
<Grinch> :(
<FerusGrim> It'll be somewhere by tomorrow.
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<Grinch> Going to be a long wait until Nov. 10th
<evilmidget38> bethblog header just changed to doom?
<evilmidget38> nope
<evilmidget38> apparently was a background, and their image was taking its time to load
<mbaxter> Presumably you'd have to acquire the CE outside of steam, wonder if it'll do steamworks for drmstuffs
<evilmidget38> Correction, 11:30 p.m. An earlier version of this post incorrectly reported the game would be available on Android as well as iOS.
<evilmidget38> :(
<mbaxter> 3:
<evilmidget38> one of the news sites
<evilmidget38> still not confirmed :(
<mbaxter> I feel that it's all unconfirmed at the moment.
<mbaxter> ok they just tweeted a few fallout 4 screenshots. had done doomstuffs, so hopefully... soon?
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<evilmidget38> Yeah.  Maybe crashing bethblog threw them off
<mbaxter> apparently they don't pay their IT staff well enough
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<Kashike> I should send them my resume mbaxter
<Kashike> https://40.media.tumblr.com/1dfdbc614e941c4c025862596ee57ac4/tumblr_mit3uz0k4J1r7l4g1o2_r1_500.png
<evilmidget38> They just keep tweeting random fallout 4 stuff
<evilmidget38> :(
<mbaxter> yup evilmidget38 
<evilmidget38> they're toying with my heart
<mbaxter> Kashike: Needs more comic sans
<FerusGrim> https://blog.l0cal.com/2015/06/02/what-happened-to-sourceforge/
<gratimax> yeah, that's nothing new
<FerusGrim> a comment on the blog about the CE:
<FerusGrim> "Pffh who is going to waste money on this overpriced wristband? I mean sure its the most awesome goddamn collectors item ever created for a game, one that I requested on the Bethesda blog several years ago and have been secretly fantasizing about since then..."
<FerusGrim> http://s24.postimg.org/9bfx538mt/fallout4pipboyedition101.jpg
<mbaxter> Dishonoured? More like WHEREISMYFALLOUT
<FerusGrim> LOL
<FerusGrim> The most important question about Fallout 4: Can my Dog level up?
<FerusGrim> "How do I make my Dog take the G.O.A.T?"
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<FerusGrim> Why are there no good iOS emulators?
<mbaxter> because it's not open source?
<FerusGrim> ;_;
<mbaxter> fallout shelter apparently on app store qq
<SonarBeserk> FerusGrim: xcode's emulator is alright but requires mac
<FerusGrim> Time to get my Mac VM out so that I can emulate iOS so that I can play Fallout Shelter
<zml> lol
<FerusGrim> "Ensure your physical system is an Apple-labeled computer." wat
<illyohs> all I know is that in the next Fallout I want to play as the Dog
<FerusGrim> This is BULLSHIT. Stop keeping me away from my GAME. :(
<mbaxter> illyohs: then, when figuring out what part of the enemy to bite, it'll label all parts as 'bark!'
<illyohs> Yes and after you bit the enemy you get the achevement "Such a good boy"
<mbaxter> bow-WOW!
<FerusGrim> mfw FO4 was inspired, in part, by Minecraft.
<FerusGrim> He was saying the Settlement building portion was inspired by Minecraft. :3
<illyohs> please tell me there are creepers
<FerusGrim> There are raider... raids.
<illyohs> no creepers 0/10
<illyohs> :P
<FerusGrim> "13,000 lines of dialouge". o.0
<FerusGrim> (recorded dialouge)
<FerusGrim> They're calling it "PipBoy Addition".
<FerusGrim> And it should be on sale, tonight.
<evilmidget38> bethesda plz
<evilmidget38> wait, their post show is ending
<evilmidget38> game might release soon
<FerusGrim> mhm
<FerusGrim> I would do so many illegal things for early-access, right now.
<FerusGrim> Seems as though they skipped the figurine giveaway.
<evilmidget38> if that means they release the app sooner, that's okay
<FerusGrim> lol
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<evilmidget38> new bethblog post.  It's about the upcoming bethesda.net :(
<evilmidget38> May need to give iTunes a little time for it to update. It'll be up there. We will have info later about Android version.
<evilmidget38> May need to give iTunes a little time for it to update. It'll be up there. We will have info later about Android version.
<evilmidget38> May need to give iTunes a little time for it to update. It'll be up there. We will have info later about Android version.
<evilmidget38> mbaxter: 
<Grinch> That was there, they just removed the one after it.
<evilmidget38> https://twitter.com/DCDeacon/status/610294314288021504
<evilmidget38> wat
<evilmidget38> :(
<evilmidget38> But now there's news

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