SpongeDocs for API-8 - Coming Soon

Calling all Spongineers!

The release of SpongeAPI-8 is imminent. As elements of API-8 stabilize, we want your help to update the SpongeDocs. If you can wrap your head around the changes, please assist our meagre docs team by dropping a Pull Request or two our way. Contributions are welcome, large or small.

To aid this herculean task, our mad professor has assembled a hit-list of pages to be looked over:

Please give it a look over and see if there’s something you can sink your virtual teeth into. Many tasty treats await in API-8 for developers and users alike, and we want to be able to offer a full menu.

We thank you all for your patience, API-8 has been a loooooooong time coming, and a lot of changes are under the crust … We hope it’s been worth the wait.