SpongeDocs Pop Quiz #3

Sharpen your pencils, the Quiz is here again, harvesting random opinions with abandon!

Input is welcome on any and all of the questions below, and will help to fuel the creative fires behind the machinery. This week’s enquiries relate to some of the periphera, including a hard look at the efficacy and focus of the SpongeDocs.

  1. Can you easily find the information you need on SpongeDocs?
    What has your experience been of using the Docs? Do they have what you need, where you’d expect it? There is also a current Streamlining the Docs Milestone, concerning a clean-up and refocusing of several sections.

  2. Do you find having Mods and Plugins stored in the same directory confusing?
    Sponge Plugins and Forge Mods share the same folder (mods). Does this present a difficulty for you, and if so, why?

  3. Do you use network software (ie. BungeeCord, or Lilypad)?
    We’d like to gauge the level of support for Minecraft network software applications.
    Which have you used in the past, and would use again with Sponge?
    {Note: Support for BungeeCord has been implemented in Sponge.}

If you’re still keen, last week’s Docs Quiz remains available.

As always, these questions (and replies) are not intended to commit the Sponge Project to any given path, this thread is entirely about collecting community feedback on tricky issues. Give-and-take, push-and-pull, it’s grist for the mill, the cup is half full. Your mileage may vary

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To answer the questions:

  1. Nope, i’m not happy with the structure of the docs, hence the Milestone. Restructure/cleanup is always good befor new content gets added. I’d like to see 3 different sections for plugin devs too (beginner, advanced, expert) but thats a task for the future.

  2. Yes, i like to throw everything in a single folder. Keeps me from having to look at different folders.

  3. Nope, but i think bungeecord support will attract professional hosters as Sponge does now support BungeeCord while Forge sometimes struggles to do so. So Forge+Sponge Coremod is the way to go for users.

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That is where I would disagree with you. As it is, I would rather not have basic and advanced categories, as you end up writing about pretty much the same topic in two different places… I think there should be one page/folder per topic, and it would be up to the user to decide if he/she thinks it is to advanced for their skill level.

  1. ^
  2. Yes, one folder.
  3. Not right now, but will probably need to in the future.
  1. I am happy about it. but I have the feeling its location isn’t really known. Might require a bit more advertising. Also the same of the download page.
  2. I host modded servers. And packs like FTB ultimate for example have 187 mods. And my server also has something like 27 bukkit plugins. The plugins and mods folder has been around since mcpc 1.3.2. I don’t see a reason why this should change. I think it should be an option in the sponge.conf: generatepluginsfolder:false. Than it could optionally also load plugins from that folder. Altrough would cause problems for multi-plugins that use forge/sponge to get their things done. (thinking of packet manipulation API’s, performance plugins/mods or no-cheat plugins)
  3. I think, unless mojang changes the level of multithreading in their game. BungeeCords should be supported if possible. Especially for heavily modded mod packs. Distributing the load over many servers can be helpfully.
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  1. I love the SpongeDocs! You and your team make sure that a lot of detail and explanation go into each category.

  2. Not so much confusing, as unorganized. It would be nice to have the plugins in a separate folder. Also to have their configs in their own folder as well. Forge seems to let you keep mods in separate version folders in /mods i.e. /mods/1.8. It would be nice if we could categorize all of our mods like that. For instance /mods/magical /mods/factory. Ive also been shown you can use symlinks and achieve something similar.

  3. I dont, but only because I dont have a use for them. I know there are a lot of servers that do.

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