SpongeDocs Reorganisation: The Big Shuffle

Greetings Fellow Documenters,

I bring tidings of change within our documentation. A recent PR (#133) has changed the structure of the Docs, moving pages around hither-and-thither, re-inventing our aging FAQ, and putting a friendlier face on many important pages.

This work by @Tyrannokapi effectively categorizes Sponge users into two groups: developers and server owners, and collects together the documentation for each group. The structure is loosely based on the impressively user-friendly Django documentation. This is the inspiration behind adding the “About Sponge” section, which is, arguably, far easier for newcomers to understand than the old FAQ. The organization is a bit more welcoming, the length is not as daunting, and the language used is catered toward a more general audience

This means that a lot of translated pages will need to catch up (Sorry!). Some have moved, some were renamed, and some edited into fragments. The CrowdIn translation memory should help with this daunting task. Hopefully, we should never have to do a re-organisation as comprehensive as this again.

Salutations to Tyrannokapi, from whose PR I stole most of this text :wink:

Opinions, Questions, Quibbles, and Giant Robots are invited.


Thanks for the update @Inscrutable

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I trust there will be a large increase in flard?


Possibly an infinitely large % increase. Somewhere in the vicinity of x = (1/0), according to the engineers of Yggdrasyl Labs. They tell me it’s big. Technicians are also working on the new FLARD language, to be implemented in the [REDACTED]
In an entirely contrary trajectory, the Docs have a FLARD Removed Milestone. Meh.


Who’s the Giant Robot? :smiley:

Looks good. Brb translating :smile:

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Holy TM. I have some translating to do (10% percent gone :open_mouth: ), but I believe I’ll be able to do it in no time :slight_smile:

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13% over here… Thats why i stopped proofreading about 2 weeks ago :stuck_out_tongue:
Was waiting for the merge of #133.


With the Easter Holiday fast approaching, I’ll finally be able to translate the Norwegian localization again! Hopefully I’ll be able to get it back to 100 % :slight_smile:

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36% to 100% is a lot of work to do… Getting 6% done took me almost 3 hours on the german translation :smile:

Yeah, it’s taking longer than I expected, even though many things are quite easy to translate because I’ve translated similar strings in the past.

I got it from 0 % to 100 % over the course of 4 days during Christmas :stuck_out_tongue: It’s going to be larger now, of course, but I am an optimist!

That’s insane. Omg. I wan’t to do that too! :cry:

I did that to the german docs too (25% in 2 days), but now the docs are a lot bigger…

But i think you can get to 100% in about 2 weeks :slight_smile:

Thats definitely possible but the hard way :stuck_out_tongue:

Challenge accepted :sunglasses:


It’s possible with the Uberman sleep cycle (Sleep for 20-30mins every 4 hours) :wink:

If anyone has found any minor issues with wording, information, or leftovers of flard, there is a pull request on GitHub where you can let me know. Thanks to @Tzk and @Dannyps for their help so far in finding some of these issues!

@DotDash I did that once a few years ago, albeit briefly. I tried it because I had an insane amount of projects due. I’d rather stick to a normal sleep schedule :smile:


There’s something wrong with Crowdin. The files that were deleted by this PR are still showing up on Crowdin, and someone not aware of this PR could be translating those files in vain.

The published Docs themselves look OK, I could find no redundant pages. Transifex had a similar issue with redundant .po files, but they never appeared in the Docs either. @gratimax should be able to sort this out. I suggest you make an issue of it on GitHub.