SpongeDocs Staff Update - May 22nd

Greetings from the SpongeDocs News Desk.

We have new staff members!
Ardent contributors @Saladoc and @boformer have been promoted, recognising their outstanding contributions and collaborations. This includes becoming members of the Docs group on GitHub, and access to the amazing PR preview system created by @gratimax .

Docs Development
There are also many new API pages, and they continue to expand and update. Commands, Text, Blocks, Dependency Injection are well rounded, and there is more on the way. Work continues around the clock and around the globe to refine the SpongeDocs. Bring us more of whatever you have, issues, contributions or proof-reading penguins. Help is always appreciated.

Minecraft Forge Docs
Forge have recently started their own Read-the-Docs project.
In the spirit of collegiality, we invite our contributors who feel both informed and inclined to help them with their documentation on GitHub, or just read and learn.

Thank you for reading SpongeDocs, Play Safe Out There.


Congratulations @boformer and @Saladoc :smile:


I could use a proof-reading penguin :smile: