SpongeForge 1.12.1 2444

Hi there!

I need some suggestions, I hope I post this in the right category.

I’m building up my modpack because i’m planning for a spongeforge server, but I’m having already some issues.

Some information what I’m using right now:

Minecraft Version: 1.12.1
Forge Version: 2444

Installed Mods:

  • MCA 1.12-5.3.0
  • astralsorcery
  • BetterFoliage
  • Biomes O plenty
  • Birdsfoods
  • Chunk Animator
  • corail_pillar_extension_biomesoplenty
  • corail_pillar
  • fastleafdecay
  • ivtoolkit-1.3.3-1.12
  • jei:1.12-
  • jepb-1-12-1.2.1
  • justenoughresources-1.12-
  • minecolonies-1.12.-0.9.3530
  • optifine_1.12.1_HD_U_C5
  • plants-1.12-1.2.0
  • radixcore-1.12-2.2.0
  • recurrentcomplex-1.4.5
  • structpro-4.0-1.12.1
  • teletoro-1.12.1-26
  • torohealth-1.12.1-11
  • toughasnails-1.12-

Now the issue i’m having is that sometimes the models don’t get loaded. I realize there are MCA Villagers because they talk to me or my pointer is over them and they get displayed with torohealth. I can though interact with them.

When I close the world and load the world again, they are displayed totally fine. Now this also happens also with Monsters sometimes. They suddenly disappear being invisible (only see them with torohealth) and sometimes reappear with no reason at all, not sure why that is, I hope you guys can have some suggestions. (Loading Issue? Forge Issue? Mod issue?)

Now Sponge experimental builds for 1.12.1 are using Forge 2444 but that’s already an old version of Forge. I can’t post in the Forge Forum because they don’t support old versions of Forge. And a new version of Forge won’t work with Sponge, If I understood that correctly (?).

Will the Sponge team change the Forge version they are working with to a newer version? Why should I run a SpongeForge Server and not a Forge Server? Should I wait for a stable sponge build anyways?

Any input is welcome, thanks in advance.



I’m assuming this is you on the 2nd comment?

Your best bet is to wait until you get an answer from the developers (Also check to see if it happens in Single player - If it does, it means it’s not a Sponge issue).

  • Alice

hi there

Well I don’t have sponge installed. And I don’t think it is a MCA problem, it seems more like an loading problem.

And please feel free to answer my other questions. And please read my post more carefully thank you.


If you don’t have Sponge installed, this isn’t the place to be looking for support - it’s not related to Sponge, and you’re more likely to find help with Forge or the developers of the mod you believe is causing the issue. It’s not in Sponge’s jurisdiction to fix, so don’t ask us.

Oh, and when you do ask Forge/whatever mod for help, for heaven’s sake include a fml.latest. Logs save lives.

Both Forge and Sponge are generally forward-compatible, so new minor versions shouldn’t cause an issue. If a version of Forge doesn’t work with the latest Sponge, that’s when you should be posting here and asking for help.

Straight from the Forge Rules and EAQ Thread:

  • DO NOT ask for help with any version besides the latest MC version.

Given that you’re on 1.12, that would be the latest MC version. Regardless, you should always test things on the latest version of Forge (and whatever else you have), just in case.

If you run a server with Sponge[Forge], your server will have access to the Sponge API and be able to run any plugins that use it. Unlike (some) mods, plugins do not need to be installed by the player and are handled server-side. It really depends on what your situation is as to whether Sponge is worth it to you, but there are a couple really good plugins that I prefer over anything Forge, Bukkit, or Spigot has. Besides, I’ve always found the community here to fabulous ^^

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Thanks for the answer, appreciate it.

Ok great, I will install the newest Forge version and continue testing, with the latest version I can also ask for help in the Forge Forum, thank you for clarifying the version question. I didn’t know about fml.latest, very interesting, I will have a look myself. I won’t post here again till I set the server up.

I thought about running plugins to handle all the permissions but could you name some plugins which you find excellent?
(the couple really good plugins?)
I also hope that there will be a performance gain against a pure forge server.

Yeah so far already really helpful community ^^ thx again

I’ll have a try here, if I may :slight_smile:

There are a few go-to plugins that have surpassed much of their competition.

  • Luckperms is the permissions plugin of choice, and has full support for contexts.
  • Nucleus is the essentials plugin par excellence, and has a wide array of modular features.

There are two quite different Protection plugins that are widely used;

  • FoxGuard, with handlers and regions, and
  • GriefPrevention, with user self-service.

All of the above have excellent wikis and very active developers. You’ll find their plugin threads here with a quick search.

Then there is good-old WorldEdit, which has it’s very own SpongeAPI version.

I don’t mean to disparage other plugin developers who have plugins which parallel these well-known plugins, it very much depends on which feature-set you’re after.

It might not be a good idea to use cause refactor versions of Sponge on 1.12.1 quite yet. Most plugins may not work because an important part of sponge has had some changes. Just continue with caution.

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@Inscrutable Thanks alot appreciate it. I will have a look into those plugins soon.

Is there any good plugin to backup your world from time to time, or do I have to do that on the linux side?

@codeHusky ok interesting, I hope they soon will have a stable version with the newest forge version ^^

Ребят, где можно найти плагин на рандомные числа, что бы игрок писал например /roll 100 и ему выпадало одно из этих чисел.

Well it’s not going to be in a thread thats almost 2 years old. Use the search function and stop looking for handouts.