SpongeForge 1.12.2 forge now 2855

I need forge 2860 cry out for ,i come form China , I am not very good at English。
I am not very good at English。
What I understand is that it won’t be updated
可以回复我一下会不会更新2860 forge 吗

Can you reply me if you will update 2860 forge

The latest build of SpongeForge run well with forge 2860, and, I thought you could use translation rather than make the post like a spam

Hi so I was wondering when are yall possibly gonna realese a recomended build again for more recent versions of the game? currently mco the olderst smp in minecraft can not update unless yall relaese another recomended build

Did you read the post above yours? It works.
If you have specific problems with that build, please report them on the issue tracker.

Again Mincraft Online The oldest smp server with the smae map will not update until sponge realeses a recomended build yall havent done that since 1.12 so therefore iam trying to figure out when the next recomended version of sponge will realese thank you

There are multiple recommended builds for Minecraft 1.12.2.

If you are referring to MC 1.16.5, perhaps you should start your own thread here, as it’s a long way from the original subject. SpongeForge for 1.16 is still in-development.