SpongeForge 1.12.2 KeepInventory false does not work

Hello everyone,

I am currently running 1.12.2 modded server using RLCraft as the base modpack and SpongeForge to add some quality of life plugins. The issue is that keepInventory false is not working as SpongeForge has apparently decided to take command. I don’t know where to look to rectify this issue. I have checked the sponge config files but with little to show for it.

In SpongeForge, gamerules (like keepInventory) are normally set per-world, which is different to the Minecraft default behaviour. You might need to use a world-specific context in the command if you set it from console (world management plugins like Nucleus and ProjectWorlds will add this functionality).
If you are editing a config file, then you might need to use a command like /sponge reload -g to make it read and use the new config settings.

If it’s neither of those problems, then please provide more details.